The Shooting Star

Once upon a time afar

In the twinkle family of stars

The fixed and fire chose to rebel

Afraid and tired of burning within

I sought to seek the distant planet

Blue and green; land and oceanic

Unimpressed by how my light

The way they say could breach through time

Through boundless space and lonely skies

Chased demons of colossal nights

And so, one day, I set apart

Breaking free, unchained my lust

Kissed the wind of solar burst

Falling free as it turned me dust

By last, I hit a concrete ground

Of a lonely island that soon could drown

No more silence, shadows surround

Wishing wishes on me so loud

Heaven should turn sooner to bow

But what they don’t seem to know somehow

Where treason is a worthy doubt –

Peaceful is the widest shroud

I look above, then in the sky,

I see celestial troops align

How vast, countless, surreal minds

I miss my home of bounty heights

The core set cold has turned to fright

Now I miss the heat of a warm inside …


7 thoughts on “The Shooting Star

  1. I’m curious-

    The way this speaks to me is that it is a piece about regret. Perhaps even of a mistake that was committed that completely changed everything. It is a drastic change because the hero or at least the main character is forced to leave from where they are at to some other place which torments it because it is nowhere close to where it used to belong. Lastly, it seems the writer is in pain. But for what I guess we’ll never know. Beautifully written 🙂

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